Bitumen is out of the nature and for the nature!

Bitumen (do not confuse with tar) is distinguished by the environmental compatibility and naturality.
The unprecedented advantages of the natural building material bitumen were also well known by the old Egyptians. One of the seven wonder of the world in the antiquity, the "Hanging Gardens of the Semiramis" were waterproofed with bituminous aspahlt in the 6th century BC.

The symbiosis with conservation and safety!

It is proved by scientific studies, that bitumen is not injurious to health neither in production, in application nor in a built-in system. The best proof for it is the usage of bitumen to line drinking water reservoirs.

Decide for our nature!

The decision to waterproof a roof or a building with this biological building material is a perfect choice for robustness, a long-life cycle and with it safety and efficiency. This decision is also a concession to the essential conservation for our future.

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